The Best Seattle Mariners of All Time

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This is a list of the greatest Seattle Mariners players in team history. Formed in 1977 seven years after the Pilots bolted for Milwaukee, the Seattle Mariners suffered through a tough 15 years at its beginning before blossoming in the mid-90s. Those early Mariner teams didn't feature many good players, let alone players who would be considered great. In fact, those teams were so bad to the point where the Mariners didn't have their first winning season until 1991, 15 after the franchise first started.

But the franchise's fortunes changed when it drafted Ken Griffey Jr. with the first overall pick in 1987. "The Kid" made his big league debut with the Mariners at the beginning of the 1989 season. For the next 10 seasons, Griffey was one of the best players in the entire league. His outstanding fielding (he won 10 Gold Gloves in a row from 1990-1999) mix of speed and power made him one of most popular players ever. On the strength of Griffey's legs, the Mariners defeated the New York Yankees in Game 5 to win its first playoff series when he scored all the way from first base, and just beating the throw to home plate. Before he was traded to Cincinnati in 2000, Griffey had won an American League MVP Award (1997), was a 10-time All Star with the club and is considered one of the best players of all time.

After Griffey left, the team didn't miss a beat. Ichiro Suzuki stepped in and led the team to the most regular season wins (116) in Major League history in 2001. Ichiro won the MVP and Rookie of the Year award during that historic season. In addition to being considered one of the best Japanese players and best Seattle Mariners ever, Ichiro is also one of the greatest leadoff hitters in the history of the game.

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