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The Best Seattle Seahawks Coaches of All Time

There haven't been many Seattle Seahawks coaches since the team got its start, but NFL fans still want to know who the best Seattle Seahawks coach of all time is. Help us answer that question by upvoting your personal favorite Seattle Seahawks coaches, and downvoting any that you believe brought the team down.
The Seahawks current coach Pete Carroll is officially a legend in Seattle, after earning the Seahawks their first NFL Championship with a victory in Super Bowl XLVIII. The next year they went to the Super Bowl again, and narrowly lost to the Patriots after a controversial pass was intercepted in the red zone. Although Carroll is the only team to win a championship with Seattle, the Seahawks have had other great coaches since their inception in 1976, including Mike Holmgren and Chuck Knox.

Who is the greatest Seattle Seahawks coach of all time? Let us know by upvoting for your favorite head coaches below that you believe really made an impact on the franchise.