The Best Seattle Seahawks of All Time

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A list of the best Seattle Seahawks of all time. Formed in 1976, the Seattle Seahawks have had a bunch of star players for the them. The team started in the AFC West before moving to the NFC in 2002. Many of the Seahawks best players were drafted and developed by the team. Players like Steve Largent, Cortez Kennedy, Walter Jones and Shaun Alexander are among the best players drafted in Seahawks history. Largent and Kennedy are Hall of Famers who spent their best years playing for Seattle and are considered two of the best players in Seahawks. Kennedy and Largent are both considered the best defensive tackles and best receivers in history respectively. 

One of the best teams in Seahawks history that had the best Seahawks players was the 2005 team. Powered by the running of Alexander and the quarterbacking of Matt Hasslebeck, the team went 13-3 and had the best record in the NFC. The team had the top offensive linemen in Seahawks history. Walter Jones and Steve Hutchinson were the best linemen in the league that season and paved the way for Alexander to be the best running back in the NFL in 2005. 

The Seahawks have a bright future ahead. With star players like Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, Seattle has one of the best young cores in football.

This is the list of the best Seattle Seahawks of all time. If you see someone missing from this list, feel free to add him. Vote or rerank this list according to who you think is the greatest Seattle Seahawks player of all time, then head over and check out some of the best Seahawks kickers ever.

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