The Best Second Bananas in Wrestling History

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The "other guys."  You know, those guys on the tag team that you don't REALLY care about. Or maybe you do. Maybe you love these guys they just aren't getting as big of a push as their tag team partner. Maybe they're BETTER than they're tag team partner but the stars just never seem to align for these poor, poor, wrestlers.

These are the best second bananas in wrestling history. It's a story about the guys that could just never quite get out of the shadow of their tag team partner or the other guys in their stable. Again, many of these men were/are tremendously skilled WWE Superstars or WCW wrestlers, but they just could never quite... you know. ... Never quite. They just could never get over that imaginary hill into superstardom.

Did we forget anybody? Probably. They're second bananas. Add them now!

From Marty Janetty to Arn Anderson to Matt Hardy and beyond, who do you think is wrestlings best "other guy?" Cast your votes now or be a second banana forever!
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