The Best Second-Generation NBA Players Of All Time

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Vote up the sons of former NBA players who had the best pro careers.

The game of basketball is perfect for fathers and sons, and some of the best basketball players in NBA history had sons who entered the league, following in their footsteps. Likewise, players who maybe didn't stick around for very long had sons who had lengthy, successful careers in the league. A few father-son pairs even played at the same time.

Some sons like Luke Walton and Patrick Ewing Jr. entered the league with massive legacies to live up to after their fathers, Bill Walton and Patrick Ewing, respectively, dominated the league. Others like Al Horford and Justise Winslow are trying to build their own names after their fathers' brief stays in the NBA.

Then, there are the modern legends like Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry, who lived up to their dads' names and surpassed them in ways that would have seemed unthinkable. With multiple championships, MVPs, and scoring titles, they built brands separate from their NBA fathers that their own children might have to live up to someday.

So who is the best second-generation NBA player? Which NBA sons made the biggest mark on the league after their dads' careers ended? Which fathers and sons are the ultimate basketball family dynasty? Make your picks below and check back to see how other basketball fans voted.

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  • Steph Curry
    481 votes

    Father: Dell Curry
    Father's career: 1986-2002

  • Kobe Bryant
    492 votes

    Father: Joe Bryant
    Father's career: 1975-1983

  • Klay Thompson
    318 votes

    Father: Mychal Thompson
    Father's career: 1978-1991

  • Pete Maravich
    234 votes

    Father: Press Maravich
    Father's career: 1938-1947

  • Devin Booker
    231 votes

    Father: Melvin Booker
    Father's career: 1994-1997

  • Father: Arvydas Sabonis
    Father's career: 1995-2003