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The Best Section 8 Members

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List RulesVote up the best (figuratively speaking) characters who, at one point or another, were members of Section 8.

The fact that "Section 8" refers to the official military designation for "mentally unfit for duty" tells you almost everything you need to know about this superhero team. To a pile of sentient guts, Section 8 members are mentally unstable, borderline suicidal, and largely ineffective. Their leader is an alcoholic, and several the best Section 8 members shoot bodily fluid at enemies, and half of them seem to hurt themselves whether intentionally or accidentally. So basically, they're a team of the worst kind of people.

There's been multiple iterations of Section 8 over the years so it can be a little tricky to keep track of who was part of Section 8 - and more importantly who was the best. So we decided to list of the best (and worst) Section 8 members so you all could vote up your favorites. That way, we can determine once and for all who the greatest Section 8 member is, and who should probably just be left at the bar.

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    Photo: DC Comics

    First appearance: Hitman #18 September, 1997

    Alright, so Dogwelder kills people by literally welding them to dogs. When the team went on hiatus, he freelance went and killed dogs with a welder.

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      Photo: DC Comics

      First appearance: Hitman #9 December, 1996

      Sidney Speck was pretty much nothing more than an alcoholic with a penchant for stabbing people with broken glass bottles. He became the leader of Section 8, but the team wasn't super effective and most of them got killed. He did manifest powers at one point and had something to do with Reality Alteration.

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        Dogwelder II

        Photo: DC Comics

        First appearance: All Star Section Eight #1 August, 2015

        Dogwelder II gains his dogwelding powers from the equipment left behind by the original Dogwelder. After welding the family dog to his children, Dogwelder II's wife understandably leaves him. Later, he uses his power to weld two stars together (because one is a "dog" star), saving Earth and humanity.

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          The Defenestrator

          Photo: DC Comics

          First appearance: Hitman #18 September, 1997

          When readers first meet Defenestrator, he's in Arkham Asylum for attacking a cop. Once he gets out, he helps Section 8 by smashing people with a window. Then he's killed by Friendly Fire.

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