The Best Seinen Anime And Manga Series Of All Time, Ranked

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Only series that are published in seinen manga magazines or specifically classified as seinen.

Here is Ranker's list of the best seinen anime and manga, with help from voters like you. So, what is seinen? Just so everyone is clear, seinen isn't as much a genre as it is a demographic. Seinen anime and manga typically cater to adults ages 18 and older, so the content is often mature and violent. Seinen can be many genres, including sports, action, mecha, and more. The series we've listed here are considered to be the top seinen anime or manga. In most cases, these titles are both anime and manga, but some like Sun-Ken Rock are exclusively manga. Some of the best classic examples of good seinen series include Ghost in the Shell: Stand Along Complex, Berserk, and Elfen Lied. Vote up the seinen series you would recommend to other anime and manga fans!

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