The Very Best Self-Help Magazines, Ranked

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If you're looking to revamp your life, self-help magazines can be a tremendous asset. Such publications help provide tips and tricks on everything from dealing with anxiety to adopting a better diet. But which monthly subscription will truly help you develop a healthier lifestyle? Below, you'll find a ranked list of self-help magazines to help you decide which publications are worth an investment! 

Popular magazines about self-help and self-care vary greatly in content, but all of them provide vital information for overall wellness. Psychology Today has been examining the science behind wellness since 1967. O, The Oprah Magazine examines self-help and often features celebrity interviews where stars share their wellness secrets. Other good self improvement magazines, like Health, focus on your physical well-being in addition to your mental health. Vote up the best self-help magazines below and feel free to add anything you feel is missing! 

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