The Best Self-Titled Albums

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Naming an album has got to be hard. This list of the best self-titled albums shows that at least a band or musician can use their name with an eponymous album if they can't think of anything else.

An eponymous debut album or EP is also a common way to introduce the world to a band, but not all of the eponymous albums on this list are self-titled EPs. Some were quite a way into their discography before releasing an eponymous studio album. Cher's self-titled album, Cher, was her 18th studio album. The band that waited for the longest to release an eponymous album might be The Beach Boys, who didn't make The Beach Boys until they'd already released 24 other albums.

None of the albums on this list are compilations or "best-of" albums, even though it is common practice to name compilation albums after the band. And although some albums, like Madonna: The First Album, were later renamed to make the musician's back catalog easier to follow, they were originally self-titled releases. Others, like what is commonly called The White Album, are actually eponymous albums that are referred to in a different way to make conversation easier. Weezer has several self-titled albums and, although they aren't the only ones to have multiple eponymous albums, they are also commonly differentiated by the color of the cover, like The Blue Album and The Green Album.

Which of these self-titled albums are the best? Be sure to add any self-titled album we missed, but be sure it is actually an eponymous studio album or EP and not a compilation.

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