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The Best Selling Book Series of all Time

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A list of the best selling book series of all time. These series are the best sellers of all bestsellers. Since religious and political books, such as The Holy Bible, are often given away for free, they have not been included on this list. These top selling book series span multiple centuries, covering many genres and original languages. And if you think Harry Potter or Twilight top this list, think again, they're not even close.

What are the most popular book series of all time? What are the best selling books ever? The most famous books are indeed novels, with the most popular published volumes going through multiple editions and reprints. A few nonfiction texts can also be found, but they are few and far between. If one enjoys reading, these books are for you.
  • 1

    First Published1997-06-26

    SubjectsWizards, Education, Adventure, Friendship, Schools

    Genres (Book)Speculative fiction, Children's literature, Fiction, Fantasy

    Original LanguageEnglish Language

    Copies Sold: 400 million
    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first novel in the Harry Potter series and J. K. Rowling's debut novel. The plot follows Harry Potter, a young wizard who discovers his magical...  more

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    R. L. Stine
    Copies Sold: 350 million
  • 3

    Perry Mason

    Thomas M. Leitch
    Copies Sold: 300 million
  • 4

    Berenstain Bears

    Stan and Jan Berenstain
  • 5
    Copies Sold: 250 million
  • 6

    Sweet Valley High

    Jamie Suzzane
    Copies Sold: 250 million
    Sweet Valley High is a novel series created by Francine Pascal, who presided over a team of ghostwriters for the entire duration of the series' creation. The books chronicle the lives of identical...  more
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    Enid Blyton
    Copies Sold: 200 million
  • 8

    Nancy Drew

    Sonja Morris, Terry Munson
    Copies Sold: 200 million
  • 9

    The Railway Series

    Reverend W. Awdry, Christopher Awdry

    Original LanguageEnglish Language

    Copies Sold: 200 million
    The Railway Series is a set of story books about a railway system located on the fictional Island of Sodor. There are 42 books in the series, the first being published in 1945. Twenty-six were...  more
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    Copies Sold: 172 million
    The Baby-Sitters Club is a series of novels written by Ann M. Martin and published by Scholastic between 1986 and 2000, that sold 170 million copies. Many of the novels were ghostwritten, including...  more
  • 11

    Star wars

    Andy Mangels

    SubjectsStar Wars, Cinema, Comics, Film

    Genres (Book)Children's literature, Fiction, Science Fiction

    Copies Sold: 160 million
  • 12

    First Published1902

    SubjectsMedical, Games, Rabbits, Classics, Adventure

    Genres (Book)Picture book, Children's literature, Fiction, Fantasy

    Original LanguageEnglish Language

    Copies Sold: 150 million
    The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a British children's book written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter that follows mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit as he is chased about the garden of Mr....  more

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  • 13
    Copies Sold: 130 million
    Chicken Soup for the Soul is a publishing, consumer goods and media company based in Cos Cob, CT. It is known for the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. The first book, like most subsequent...  more
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    Copies Sold: 125 million
  • 15
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  • 16


    Eiji Yoshikawa

    First Published1935


    Genres (Book)Historical fiction, Fiction, Historical novel

    Original LanguageEnglish Language, Japanese Language

    Copies Sold: 120 million
    Musashi is a Japanese novel written by Eiji Yoshikawa. It was serialized in 1935 in the newspaper Asahi Shimbun....  more
  • 17

    American Girl

    Page Edwards
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  • 18
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  • 19
    Copies Sold: 110 million
  • 20


    Stephenie Meyer

    First Published2005-10-05

    SubjectsEducation, Schools, Vampire, Love

    Genres (Book)Romance novel, Horror Film, Fiction, Young adult literature, Fantasy

    Original LanguageEnglish Language

    Copies Sold: 100 million
    Twilight is a young-adult vampire-romance novel by author Stephenie Meyer. It is the first book in the Twilight series, and introduces seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan, who moves from...  more
  • 21

    Mr. Men

    Meredith Johnson
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  • 22


    Marcel Marlier
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  • 23


    Dick Bruna
    Copies Sold: 85 million
  • 24
    Copies Sold: 80 million
  • 25
    Copies Sold: 75 million