Best-Selling Cars by Brand

This is a list of the most popular cars from every major auto company and manufacturer. These are the standard-bearers of their respective brands. When you think of a Ford or a Ferrari, these are the vehicles you picture in your mind. They're the cars you see on the road around you every day (or, in the case of, say, Lamborghini, every once in a while). They are the flagship cars, the best-sellers.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and thought to yourself, "What is the bestselling car brand in the world?" The list includes the most popular makes and models of cars in the world, and also the more obscure brands that only serve certain regions, or in the case of Rolls Royce, produce a small run of hand-fashioned automobiles each year for an elite clientele. The Ford F-Series truck is the most popular single vehicle on the list, with over 34 million trucks sold around the world. On the lower end would be the De Tomaso Pantera and the Ferrari 360, with sales figures in the 5 digits.