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What Is The Best Selling Walmart Item In Every State?

There's something strangely telling about the most purchased Walmart item by state. Some of them make complete sense. Wyoming residents love to buy flannel shirts. That fits. But some things seem to have no connection to their states until you learn a bit more (like the official dessert of Maine, which you'll learn ahead).

Like other ubiquitous companies like Disney or McDonald's, Walmart inspires a fascinating sort of fandom. This list of US states and their best-selling Walmart items fit in alongside collections of Walmart facts, Walmart fails, and nightmare stories unique to Walmart employees. Prepare to see a lot of statistics about national obesity rates because those are relevant in a lot of cases. Don't worry, there are happy things like the number of dogs per state, too.

  • Alabama – Crayons

    Alabama isn't ranked particularly high when it comes to the most artistic states in the US. Despite that, they still love their crayons.

  • Alaska – RV & Marine Antifreeze

    The outdoor recreation scene in Alaska is overwhelming. Each year, residents spend $7.3 billion on these activities, and that economy has accounted for 72,000 jobs. It's no surprise they want to keep their RVs and marine vehicles topped off.

  • Arizona – L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

    The snow birds that flock to Arizona may be to blame, as they're likely buying these dolls for their grandkids. That definitely explains the preeminence of L.O.L. Surprise! toys in the state.

  • Arkansas – Chocolate

    Apparently, a slew of artisan chocolatiers call Arkansas home. That doesn't really account for all the name-brand chocolate bought at Walmart, though.

  • California – Protein Powder

    California residents spending bundles of money on protein powder affirms the stereotype of the musclebound beach bro. 

  • Colorado – Peanut M&M's

    Colorado hosts its own chocolate festival every year, which might explain their gravitation towards these popular candies. Also, who doesn't love M&M's?

  • Connecticut – 'Ghost In The Shell' DVDs

    Why Connecticut residents love this film may remain a mystery. It's not even certain whether the state prefers the 1996 original or the controversial 2017 adaptation.

  • Delaware – Spiced Jelly Candy

    Apparently, Delawareans are in love with cinnamon-flavored jelly beans. Spiced jelly candies have a cinnamon flavor. Coincidence? Probably. 

  • Florida – Sparkling Cider

    The state beverage of Florida is, obviously, orange juice. Floridians seemingly go elsewhere for that commodity and hit their nearest Walmart for some crisp sparkling cider.

  • Georgia – Fischer-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

    As of 2014, Georgia had the 14th highest birth rate in the nation, maybe explaining why such a specific children's item sells so well there.

  • Hawaii – Farmer Barbie

    Hawaii's volcanic soil makes it an ideal place to produce a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and other crops. That makes this Barbie an especially appropriate role-model to inspire young girls.

  • Idaho – My Little Pony Collectibles

    When you think Idaho, you might picture real-deal, seasoned cowboys (or potatoes). Their top-selling Walmart item is kind of related to cowboys, though Twilight Sparkle will forever run free.

  • Illinois – Erasers

    Illinois residents seem to be prone to making whatever the hand-written equivalent of typos are.

  • Indiana – Instant Coffee

    Overall, the Midwest consumes more cups of coffee per day than any other part of the US. Who know how much of that is driven by Indiana's instant coffee reserves.

  • Iowa – Water Softening Crystals

    Iowa doesn't put up with hard water.

  • Kansas – Ozark Trail Tumblers

    Since Ozark Trail Tumblers are intended for outdoorsy activities like camping trips into the woods, it's a little ironic that a Great Plains state likes them so much.

  • Kentucky – 4X6 Photo Prints

    In terms of photo dimensions, 4"x6" is somehow both standard and oddly specific. Kentuckians must need some decorations to help fill out their desks at work.

  • Louisiana – Root Beer Extract

    Emile Zatarain started selling root beer extract in Louisiana in 1899, and Zatarain's is an instantly recognizable Creole cooking product brand. So, while root beer extract may seem like a truly random product to sell so well, it actually makes a lot of sense for the Pelican State.

  • Maine – Brownie Mix

    Many in Maine believe the first brownie was baked in their home state. Whether or not that's true, this delectable dessert is indeed the unofficial Walmart treat of the state.

  • Maryland – Glue Sticks

    Maryland is just outside the top ten among the best states for education, so maybe this is a concerted effort to boost their arts-and-crafts grades.

  • Massachusetts – Refrigerators

    Massachusetts is the 6th richest state in the nation. That might explain why even their Walmarts sell such big ticket items so regularly. 

  • Michigan – Lavender-Scented Cleaning Products

    Lavender is a great scent. The larger question is why does the entire state of Michigan love it so much?

  • Minnesota – Flamin' Hot Cheetos

    In 2012, a group of kids at a Minneapolis YMCA recorded the viral hit "Hot Cheetos and Takis." In 2017, the state of Minnesota bought Flamin' Hot Cheetos at Walmart more than any other item. You do the math.

  • Mississippi – Oil-Less Fryer

    As of 2016, Mississippi was the second most obese state in the nation. So, maybe they're trying to improve their spot on that list by leaving the oil out of their fried foods.

  • Missouri – Life Savers

    In 2017, the US Census reported that grandparents represented a larger percentage of the US population than ever before. The results weren't broken down by state, but Missouri's grandparent population may be boosting the sale of hard candies.