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The Best Semi-Soft Cheese

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Creamy, rich, and oh so craveable, semi-soft cheeses are popular with devoted foodies and casual snackers alike. These cheeses typically have a higher moisture content and a milder flavor than harder cheeses, and come in a wide range of varieties to suit every palate. Some good semi-soft cheese is delicious served with a sweet fruit plate, while other creamy semi-soft cheeses are best spread on a piece of toast. Tasty semi-soft cheeses are made in countries all over the world including France, Italy, and America.

What varieties will you find on this list of the best semi-soft cheeses? Muenster cheese is a tasty semi-soft cheese produced in America. Its smooth, creamy texture makes Muenster a popular choice for a grilled cheese sandwich. Havarti is another good semi-soft cheese hailing from Denmark. Gorgonzola has a distinctive strong taste that can add a tang to creative dishes. Other great varieties that appear on this top semi-soft cheese list include Picodon, Le Brin, and Blue Cheese.

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