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Superheroes Who Still Kick Butt In Their Old Age

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Ever since Spider-Man swung into action in Amazing Fantasy #15, superheroes who are senior citizens have been cast aside for younger heroes. Just like aging people in real life, superheroes don't have to give up doing what they love just because they pass 60. Whether it's a traditionally young character aged up, or a character that's always appeared as a senior citizen, these characters can still kick a lot of butt if they're given a chance. 

An old superhero makes for a natural mentor, like Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond. The twilight period of one's life is the perfect time to begin looking towards the next generation. Or, like Wolverine in Old Man Logan or Superman in Kingdom Come, some decide that it's up to them to fix everything and kick all the butts alone - no new heroes allowed. 

  • In the storyline Old Man Logan, the world's supervillains rally together to defeat the heroes and take over the world. To defeat the X-Men, Mysterio convinces Wolverine that his greatest enemies are going after him all at once, so Wolverine goes all out and viciously slays them. When Mysterio's illusion wears off, Wolverine realizes he actually offed his friends, so Wolverine gives up being a hero once and for all. 

    Years later, Wolverine lives in a portion of the US controlled by a now-evil (maybe just bonkers?) Bruce Banner, whose incestuously created Hulk hillbilly children shake down the tenants of his land for money. Wolverine owes them money, and since he is unwilling to use his powers but needs to protect his new family, he decides to take a job from Clint Barton (AKA Old Man Hawkeye). Eventually, they deliver the package as per their job and find out that it was a trick from the Red Skull. So, Logan uses Captain America's shield to end the Red Skull, takes the money, and flies home using Iron Man tech. He then finds that Hulk's children have eliminated his family, which causes Wolverine to finally get angry enough to use his claws. Wolverine takes down all of Hulk's hillbilly family, then has his coolest moment while fighting Banner himself. As the Hulk, Banner swallows Old Man Logan, but Logan rips out of Hulk's stomach, ending him. 

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  • Old Man Hawkeye plays a big role in the timeless Old Man Logan storyline, and while Wolverine gets most of the credit there, that's not to say this aging sharpshooter isn't cool in his own right. After the supervillain takeover begins, Hawkeye leads a group of Avengers alongside the Thunderbolts to fight back against the villains. During the altercation, the Thunderbolts betray his team of Avengers and terminate everyone but him. 

    Years later, in the wasteland dystopia that is the Old Man Logan universe, Old Man Hawkeye (as depicted in his own spinoff title Old Man Hawkeye) decides to get revenge on the Thunderbolts that trained him. Even as an aging superhero who's losing his vision due to glaucoma, he manages to take down Atlas, Beetle, Moonstone, Baron Zemo, and Bullseye. 

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  • In Jason Aaron's seminal run on Thor, a being known as Gorr the God Butcher collides with Thor at various points in his life. One of those is King Thor, a future version of Thor where he becomes the new All-Father. 

    In the God Butcher storyline, King Thor is trapped by Gorr and enslaved for hundreds of years. Eventually, the younger Thor shows up and frees him, and the two, along with an even younger Thor, set out to stop Gorr. King Thor is the only one of the three who is strong enough to use the Thor-Force to resurrect Thor the Avenger and do away with Gorr's dark world once and for all. He also manages to send the other two Thors back to their proper times. In the end, he proves himself to be the strongest and wisest of the Thors - only becoming more bad*ss with age. 

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    After the demise of Jason Todd, the Batman of the Dark Knight Returns timeline decides to give up his cowl and cape for good. That is until 10 years pass, and he sees that his city has become more unlawful than ever before. Wayne decides to get back out there as Batman, and even as a much older man, he is able to defeat his old foes like Joker and Two-Face. Even more impressive, he's able to defeat newer, younger foes, like the leader of the mutant group that had been terrorizing the city. Batman decides to take on that leader in hand-to-hand combat and manages to outsmart and defeat him. 

    Later, after the US government sends Superman to stop Batman, he manages to defeat the Boy in Blue, as well (with some help from Green Arrow and Kryptonite). That's an impressive feat for an old man dressed like a bat. 

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