The Best Serial Experiments Lain Quotes

There are so many memorable quotes from the anime Serial Experiments Lain, but which ones stood out to you the most? Since it's just a great anime, let's rank the best quotes from Serial Experiments Lain, with the help of your votes. These memorable Serial Experiments Lain quotes can be from any character in the series, whether they are a main character like Lain Iwakura, or even a side character like Yasuo Iwakura or Masami Eiri.

An avante-garde science-fiction series that inspired such works as The Matrix, Serial Experiments Lain follows Lain Iwakura, an introverted teenager who gets pulled into the "Wired" after receiving an email from a classmate who had recently committed suicide. In the "Wired," where memories, hallucinations, and psyches interconnect, Lain finds the lines between reality and cyberspace becoming a blur. Serial Experiments Lain was also the groundbreaking anime that introduced the rest of the world to the artwork and style of Yoshitoshi ABe; it also inspired a game and manga (The Nightmare of Fabrication). Consisting of 13 episodes, Serial Experiments Lain aired between July 6 and September 28, 1998.

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  • Everyone's Connected
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    Everyone's Connected

    "No matter where you go, everyone's connected."

    -Lain Iwakura

  • Memories of Other People
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    Memories of Other People

    " People only have substance within the memories of other people. And that's why there were all kinds of mes. There weren't a lot of mes per se, I was just inside all sorts of people, that's all."

    -Lain Iwakura


  • Not Afraid of Losing My Body
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    Not Afraid of Losing My Body

    "There was no reason for me to stay in the real world any longer. In the real world, it didn't matter if I was there or not. When I realized that, I was no longer afraid of losing my body."

    -Chisa Yomoda

  • Must Not Confuse It With the Real World
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    Must Not Confuse It With the Real World

    Iwakura, Yasuo: Let me give you one little warning.

    Lain Iwakura: Huh?

    Iwakura, Yasuo: When it's all said and done, the Wired is just a medium of communication and the transfer of information. You mustn't confuse it with the real world. Do you understand what I'm warning you about?

    Lain Iwakura: You're wrong.

    Iwakura, Yasuo: Huh?

    Lain Iwakura: The border between the two isn't all that clear. I'll be able to enter it soon. In full range. Full motion. I'll translate myself into it.

    Iwakura, Yasuo: Even with a top of the line civilian Navi, you couldn't.

    Lain Iwakura: I can do it. I've modified mine.

    Iwakura, Yasuo: A Psyche processor, huh? But...

    Lain Iwakura: Don't worry. I'm still me.

    Iwakura, Yasuo: Sometimes I wonder.

  • Physical Reality Is Nothing But An Illusion
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    Physical Reality Is Nothing But An Illusion

    Lain Iwakura: [gasp]

    Miho Iwakura: The wired might actually be thought of as a highly advanced upper layer of the real world. In other words, physical reality is nothing but an illusion, a hologram of the information that flows to us through the wired.

    Lain Iwakura: But ma...

    Miho Iwakura: This is because the body, physical motion, the activity of the human brain is merely a physical phenomenon, simply caused by synapses delivering electrical impulses.

    Lain Iwakura: But mom, I...

    Miho Iwakura: The physical body exists at a less evolved plane only to verify one's existence in the universe.

    Lain Iwakura: Are you really, truly my mother?

    Miho Iwakura: [disappears]

    Lain Iwakura: Are you?

  • Why Did You Die?
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    Why Did You Die?

    Lain Iwakura: Why? Why did you die?

    Navi [Dictating Chisa's response]: God is here.