The Best Serial Killer Movies

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Films about or featuring a serial murderer

Audiences have become increasingly enthralled with the serial killer in the film, and a debate as to what the best serial killer movie is is often a challenging statement due to the incredible crop of films to choose from. Whether it be Oscar-winning films like The Silence of the Lambs and No Country for Old Men, iconic slasher films like Halloween and Scream, or cult classics like Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer and American Psycho, there is something here for each and every serial killer fan, and it all comes down to a question of what these audiences’ members are looking for.

Do they wish to seek What makes the minds of these warped individuals tick? What could have possibly made them become this way? Who are they going to target next? All of these questions excite and horrify the everyday filmgoer, and it is these exact questions that made this seemingly bizarre subgenre in horror.

So now it is up to you to decide the answers to these questions, and vote up the best serial killer movies, and be sure to check out the goriest horror movies ever made!

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