The Best Sesshomaru Quotes

With a name that translates to "Destruction Of Life," you better believe there are some epic Sesshomaru quotes that are definitely worth remembering. The brother of Inuyasha in the anime of the same name, Sesshomaru was a neutral character who, like Inuyasha, was trying to destroy Naraku. This list ranks the best Sesshomaru quotes, with the help of your votes.

One of the most famous quotes by Sesshomaru was his disbelief in how his brother could care for a human so much - "Inuyasha, your patience with this creature is astonishing to me. You protect her, indulge her, even seem to love her." In the series, Sesshomaru traveled with his own group that would sometimes run into Inuyasha's.

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  • Run And Hide
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    Run And Hide

    "Your stupidity knows no boundaries. Run and hide while you can."

  • Know My Own Limit
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    Know My Own Limit

    "Can It be that I’m afraid, or is it merely I know not my own limit?"

  • A Love For Battle
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    A Love For Battle

    “I seek nothing more than to battle the most powerful beings alive, which excludes the lowly likes of you.”

  • Tremble With Fear
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    Tremble With Fear

    “To think that he made me, Sesshomaru, tremble with fear for even a moment.

  • Draw Your Sword
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    Draw Your Sword

    “Draw your sword Inuyasha. Or will you surrender it now without a need for a battle?”

  • No Such Time
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    No Such Time

    "Be not a fool, I have no such time to waste."