The Best 7th Round Picks In NFL History

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Who are the best 7th round picks in NFL history? Every year, all 32 NFL teams convene to decide which amateur football players are destined to become the NFL's next generation. Over multiple days, teams draft seven rounds worth of picks, over 250 in total. The majority of draft selections are busts, and crash out of the league. But there are also diamonds in the rough. Some come in the middle rounds.Others come in the last gasp seventh round. Historically, players taken in the sixth and seventh-rounds have the toughest time earning a roster spot. Their odds are as low as having a 30-35% chance of making a team. But a few late bloomers every year end up making an impact in the league So, who is the best 7th round pick in NFL history? Which NFL seventh rounders did you love to watch in the NFL?

When it comes to the greatest seventh round NFL draft picks, 3x NFL champion Shannon Sharpe must be near the top of the list. The legendary tight end was a 4-time First-Team All-Pro and 8-time Pro Bowler. Not bad for a guy out of Savannah State. Then there's great seventh round NFL picks, such as Julian Edelman, Marques Colston, Bo Jackson, Donald Driver, and Jamal Anderson. Another notable seventh round NFL player was Ryan Fitzpatrick, who went to Harvard and is probably the best NFL player to come out of an Ivy League school..

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