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The Best 'Shaft' (2019) Movie Quotes

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What are the best Shaft 2019 quotes? This is your chance to decide. The Shaft franchise has been around for a long time. The original, starring Richard Roundtree, opened in 1971. It was followed by two sequels, Shaft's Big Score in 1972 and Shaft in Africa in 1973. In 2000, director John Singleton brought it back, casting Samuel L. Jackson as Shaft in a film also appropriately titled Shaft. The movie was a modest box office hit. 

The 2019 Shaft is a direct sequel to both the '71 and the '00 installments. This time, John "JJ" Shaft Jr. (Jessie T. Usher) enlists the help of his father (Jackson) in getting to the bottom of his friend's death. The elder Shaft attempts to settle an old score in the process. Roundtree co-stars as Shaft Sr., which makes three generations of Shaft men. Regina Hall co-stars, too, as Maya Babanikos, Shaft's ex and JJ's mom. This new version is slightly different, in that it's as much a comedy as an action picture. There are plenty of funny lines and memorable Shaft quotes. It was directed by Tim Story, whose resume includes Barbershop and the Ride Along movies.

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    Equal Opportunity

    JJ Shaft: You can't beat up a woman!

    Shaft: Why not?

    JJ Shaft: Because she's a woman! That's like, misogynistic!

    Shaft: You're the one being misogynistic, I never even mentioned her gender! I'm an equal-opportunity *ss-whooper!

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      James Bond

      JJ Shaft: He thinks he's a Black James Bond.

      Shaft: If that dude was real, he'd think he was ME.

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        Catalog System

        Shaft: This my "Puerto Ricans I Don't Trust" file.
        JJ Shaft: You literally have a racist-based catalog system.
        Shaft: Ain't that how the FBI does it?
        JJ Shaft: Yeah, pretty much. 

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          Momma's Insult

          Maya Babnikos (to the two women Shaft has on his arm): Lady Syphilis, Madam Chlamydia, it's lovely to meet you both.

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