The Best Shampoo for Curly Hair

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The best shampoo for curly hair is one that helps to cleanse but also helps to keep curls supple, soft and manageable. Curly hair can be a huge challenge, but if curls are properly maintained, they are stunningly beautiful. A good shampoo for curly hair offers great moisturizing properties without weighing the hair down too much.

This list includes a wide variety of treatments for curly hair, shampoos that get the job done well and offer a great foundation for curly hair. Vote for your favorites, vote down any curly hair shampoos you don't like and, of course, if your favorite isn't listed, add it. You can also rerank this list in the order you want!

Curly hair poses an interesting issue: Some curly hair is fine and fragile, but it can also be thick, coarse and pretty unruly. Frizziness can also be a problem. Finding the right shampoo for curly hair is a huge key. You want a shampoo that doesn't strip much-needed moisture from curly strands. At the same time, if a shampoo is too "heavy," it will take out the gorgeous bounce and body that often goes hand-in-hand with curly hair.

Some people with curly hair might benefit from using some of the best volumizing shampoos, especially if their hair is fine. Anyone with thick, coarse, curly hair might also want to try some of the best moisturizing shampoos, or shampoos specifically designed for best sulfate free shampoos might offer some suggestions.And certainly, women with potentially kinky, curly, ethnic hair might benefit from this list of the best shampoo for black hair.

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