The Best Shampoo for Damaged Hair

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The best shampoo for damaged hair is one that works in two ways: It helps repair any existing damage to the hair, and it helps to prevent future damage. Damaged hair is delicate and sensitive. It needs a specifically formulated shampoo that will cleanse effectively without causing any additional problems. Which damaged hair shampoos are the best? Many of them are listed here, and if you see any missing, add them. Vote for the best, vote down the worst and rerank this list any way you want!

No single shampoo can perform miracles, but many of them can help to treat hair that is damaged. What causes the damage? Definitely coloring and any heat (think blow drying and flat ironing, two huge culprits). While some hair might be damaged beyond repair, requiring a massive cut, it is possible to improve locks without involving scissors (though a good trim never hurts). Just making the right switch to a shampoo for damaged hair can make a massive difference, infusing shine, bounce and manageability into dull, dried out, fried locks.

Damaged hair needs moisture, so you might be interested in this list of the best moisturizing shampoos. Chemically treated hair also needs special treatment, so check this list out of the best color shampoo. And, if you need a shampoo that will help add beauty and bounce, try one of of the cleansers on this list of the best volumizing shampoos. Just find what works best for you, and take extra good care of those tresses!
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