The Best Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

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The best shampoo for frizzy hair can help to tame unruly locks almost instantly. Having frizzy hair can be challenging, and it's important to find the right products that work with your issues, instead of against them. Many of these frizzy hair shampoos can aid in the fight. Be sure to vote for your favorites and add any shampoos for unruly, frizzy hair that are missing. You can also rerank this list, in the order you choose.

Shampoo for frizzy hair should offer adequate protection and cleansing, without drying the hair too much. Frizzy hair tends to worsen when air is too humid, because the hair shaft actually absorbs the moisture, exacerbating the problem. Using the right shampoos and conditioning treatments can coat hair and possibly lessen the frizz -- before it ever starts.

Frizzy hair shampoos have a huge objective: Smoothing down the strands so they look neat and beautiful, instead of unruly. Think of shampoo as the foundation for your hair war against the frizzies. Start with a high quality shampoo, many of which are listed here, and then add additional products (especially a good conditioner) as needed. The result? Gorgeous, shiny, healthy and manageable hair!

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