The Best Shampoo for Hair Loss

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Shampoos specifically targeted to help with hair loss and/or thinning hair.

Hair loss is no picnic. The best shampoo for hair loss is one which cleanses the hair without being too harsh. A truly great hair loss shampoo also stimulates the scalp and helps increase circulation. Let's be clear, here: There is no one miracle shampoo that will produce immediate results, but some of the best hair loss shampoo might certainly help if someone's dealing with thinning hair. Some of the best shampoos for hair growth are designed specifically for men and others are targeted for women. Which ones are the best? Time to vote. And if you have a particular shampoo for hair loss that you've found is particularly effective, and it isn't listed here, by all means, add it!

Shampoos for hair loss are designed to help prevent premature hair loss, increase the volume of existing hair and support healthy hair growth. Different cleansers use different ingredients that might help, so it's important to try different shampoos out to find what works best for you.

Also, some believe that certain anti-dandruff shampoos, like Nizoral, used a few times per week, can help stave off hair loss. Others swear by organic shampoos for hair loss, particularly those that are sulfate free.

Keep in mind that if you have hair loss, you might need more than just a top shampoo for hair loss. You might need a special treatment designed to help, like Rogaine. If in doubt, consult with a dermatologist to figure out the best system to help you in your battle against thinning hair.
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