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The Best Products From Shark Tank Totally Worth Buying

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Shark Tank is responsible for the success of many great products you can buy now on Amazon. Whether you're buying clothes, a gift, house decor, or something you didn't know you needed, this list of Shark Tank products will help. Affordable products like the Scrub Daddy, Squatty Potty, and the Phonesoap have been proven to effectively change lives. Each of these products have been endorsed by the sharks and reputable business moguls on Shark Tank and are available to buy now on Amazon.

This list of the best Shark Tank products has something for everyone that will make some aspect of life much easier. Whether it's something as simple as a new type of sponge or an all-edge brownie baking sheet, these products spark joy by the possibilities to come.

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    The Scrub Daddy is a psuedo-legendary product from season four of Shark Tank. Millions of people now own the scratch free, odor resistant sponge and you can too. With its patented smiley face and scrubbing power, the Scrub Daddy gives hope to those looking at 2-day old damp sink plate with meat lasagna sticking to it. Amazon user Julie P. wrote:

    "I have long asserted that the Scrub Daddy is life changing. I purchased one when I first saw it on shark tank, and I will never use another dish-cleaning device again. Food does not stick to it, and it rinses off clean. This is the best quality. They're also pretty durable- I usually keep one for 3-4 months with daily scrubbing use. It creates a really satisfying soap lather and cleans very effectively. I definitely recommend getting a 3-pack."

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    At this point in time we know how dirty our smartphones are, yet we choose to live in blissful ignorance. We shouldn't. We should all have the Phonesoap 3, a swanky device that kills 99.99% of bacteria on your smartphone while simultaneously charging it. You'll walk around feeling a thousand times better knowing you have significantly less germs on your best friend smartphone. Amazon user Riley Manwaring wrote

    "Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but I have a Bio degree so I get excited about things like this and had to check it out. It definitely passed the test! I highly recommend watching the test video on the PhoneSoap website - I loved seeing the lab results (completely clean petri dish compared to a filthy control) - and the science speaks for itself. Very nifty product, works great and easy to use."

    Cancel germ culture

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    Thick, fluffy pancakes that are actually light and low-cal do exist, thanks to Kodiak Cakes. Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake Mix is an alternative to white flour and made up of 100% whole grains, non-GMO ingredients, and are filled with 14 grams of protein per serving to kickstart your day. An add-water-only recipe, Kodiak Cakes are easily customizable, so you can add berries, syrup, or any other ingredients you like. Amazon user Ann wrote

    "Love being able to satisfy a pancake craving without feeling so guilty or doing a ton of carb damage. Not all protein pancakes taste the same. Some are quite disgusting but I love this brand and cannot always find it in stores. I usually put a couple tablespoons of sugar in the batter if my nieces are around so they cannot tell they are healthier. Even with the added sugar it does not negate the protein and fiber positives."

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    Bombas is a thin, no-slip activewear sock founded on a good cause. Bombas co-founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg were co-workers in media when they saw a Facebook post about homeless shelters struggling to find socks. They created Bombas, based on the Latin word for bumblebee, with the intent to "bee good," which is their motto and can be seen embroidered on each pair. Amazon users Cindee and Mike Anderson reviewed

    "My daughter uses them for running ! These are a tad pricey but slowly we have converted to Bombas socks! Superior quality and comfort!"

    Prices range from $10-25 a pair, depending on which type of Bombas you desire.