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List of the best Shark Week episodes, as determined by voters like you. Shark Week takes place every year on the Discovery Channel, where shark-oriented content is shown for seven days. With all the amazing episodes of the show that exist, it's hard to trust just one person's opinion of what the top Shark Week episodes of all time are. Fans of Shark Week are very passionate about the show, and there are often debates over which episodes are the greatest. That's why this list exists- so you can vote for your favorites and we can find out once and for all what everyone thinks the best episode is.

This list is made up of episodes like Great White Appetite and Day of the Shark 2. What is the best Shark Week episode of all time? Look below and find out.
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  • WEEK. But when he gets the chance to get off the couch and be in the show, he gets in way over his head. Discovery wants him go to the Bahamas to swim with, touch, and, if he has the guts, FEED ...more
  • Diary of a Shark Man is a 2005 drama film written and directed by Jeff Kurr.
  • Wrath of a  Great White Serial Killer

    Wrath of a Great White Serial Killer

    Season 28 Episode 8: A deadly newcomer has taken residence in the waters of the Pacific Northwest, leaving behind frightened eyewitnesses, and bitten surfers. Shark expert Ralph Collier and Brandon McMillian seek answers to why the great white sharks travel so far north.
  • Shark Summer

    Shark Summer

  • Michael Rutzen is on an unbelievable quest -- to hypnotize, in open water, one of the most dangerous animals on the planet – the great white shark. Rutzen has been working with sharks for many years ...more
  • Chasing Great Whites

    Chasing Great Whites

  • Great White Down Under

    Great White Down Under

  • Shark After Dark

    Shark After Dark

    Season 21 Episode 6: A team of divers descends into the dangerous after-dark hunting ground of sharks.
  • What Killed the Mega Beasts?

    What Killed the Mega Beasts?

  • SPAWN OF JAWS follows a scientist on the brink of a breakthrough as he reveals the life cycle of the Great White Shark for the first time, including mating and pupping. Using state of the art ...more
  • Air Jaws: Night Stalker

    Air Jaws: Night Stalker

    Season 28 Episode 9: Famed shark photographer Chris Fallows embarks on his eighth Air Jaws adventure with shark expert Jeff Kurr and shark biologist Dr. Neil Hammerschlag as they discover how great white sharks hunt in total darkness.
  • Jaws Comes Home

    Jaws Comes Home

    Season 23 Episode 2: Great Whites are back in the very same waters JAWS was made. Shark expert Greg Skomal is high alert as a huge, 18 foot Great White is spotted off Chatham, MA's beaches. Why have they returned? Where are they going? Is it safe to go back in the water?
  • The coast of South Australia is a place like no other. It's home to a Great White feeding ground that is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Known in local legend as the Great White ...more
  • Shark Week: Blood in the Water

    Shark Week: Blood in the Water

    Season 21 Episode 1: The true story behind the bloody shark attacks of 1916 that inspired the movie "Jaws."
  • Day of the Shark 3

    Day of the Shark 3

    Season 22 Episode 4: Shark attack survivors recall six bloody tales of what happens when humans unwittingly find themselves face to face with the ocean's top predator.
  • Animal behaviorist Dave Salmoni and South African shark scientist Ryan Johnson journey to the remote, tribal shores of New Guinea to unravel the mysterious secrets of the local shark whisperers who ...more
  • As South Africa’s leading shark expert, Craig Ferreira has spent his entire life studying and diving with sharks. For the past several years his dream has been to travel the world for a year to ...more
  • Experience real life shark attack rescues as we travel to some of the most popular, and most dangerous, beaches around the world.