The Best Shikamaru Nara Quotes

For a character that thinks life is such a drag, there sure are a lot of great Shikamaru Nara quotes from the Naruto series. This genius shinobi often has some really wise things to say, and there are definitely a fair share of epic Shikamaru quotes as well.

Many of Shikamaru's best quotes are about how lazy he is - "Laziness is the mother of all bad habits. But ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her." On the other hand, Shikamaru has some really badass lines, particularly in Naruto Shippuden. When he got his revenge for Asuma's death, he uttered this amazing line to Hidan - "That pathetic Lord Jashin or whatever isn't your God anymore. I am. The only one bringing down vengeance is me."

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  • Lazy
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    "It's not because I'm lazy, it's just because I don't care."

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  • A Better Person
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    A Better Person

    "If women made you a better person, I wouldn't want to know what you were like before"

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  • Respect Your Mother
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    Respect Your Mother

    "Laziness is the mother of all bad habits. But ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her."

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  • Man
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    "Man... What a drag..."

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  • I'm not sad
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    I'm not sad

    "I could say I'm not sad, but I'd be lying. The problem is the world won't let me stay a kid forever, so I can't lie around crying about it either"

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  • Total Waste
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    Total Waste

    "Ughh. Great. What's the point in setting the alarm if I'm going to wake up before it goes off? What a total waste. Now I've gotta shut it off but I don't feel like moving. But if I don't shut it off it will just keep ringing and ringing. Sigh. It makes me tired just thinking about the whole thing. Some mornings are such a drag..."

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