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The Best Shinigami Manga

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If you're a manga fan who is fascinated by alternatives to the grim reaper, you should know about all the great shinigami manga available. Use this list as a guide to help you find your next great manga about shinigami.

Shinigami are some of the most fascinating figures in Japanese mythology. Perhaps the most popular shinigami manga is Bleach, one of the biggest series in history. It follows Ichigo Kurosaki, a seemingly ordinary human who finds himself working alongside shinigami. Equally renowned is Yu Yu Hakusho, a series where a teenage delinquent named Yusuke also ends up working with shinigami  - but ends up following a very different path than te one Ichigo does. Both of these manga - and all the others on the list - are sure to entertain. 

Which shinigami manga is truly the best? That's up to you. Vote up your favorites to let the world know what you think.