The Best Legendary & Shiny Pokémon

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Obtainable shiny Pokémon only.

The world of Pokémon is full of amazing characters and creatures, but not every Pokémon is the same. Some are cute with little to no ability (until they evolve) while others are amazing creatures so difficult to find and capture, they become the stuff of legend. The best Pokémon are often the ones players have a hard time tracking down and more often than not, those Pokémon are shiny. In the world of Pokémon, the term "shiny" is applied to those creatures whose rare coloration makes them especially desirable to collect. 

For most Pokémon, being Shiny simply means a darker or lighter coloration, but some have stark differences to their less luminous counterparts. The differences between the variations are limited to appearance, but that only makes them more collectible. Getting your Poké Balls on top of a Shiny Pokémon or even a Shiny Legendary Pokémon is every trainer's goal in acquiring the coolest Pokémon the game(s) have to offer.

After looking through the Pokédex and determining the Pokémon that players wanted the most, these are the Shiny and Legendary (sometimes Shiny Legendary) Pokémon every trainer has to have!

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  • Rayquaza
    2,250 votes

    Type: Dragon / Flying

  • Umbreon
    Generation 2
    2,532 votes

    Type: Dark

  • Zorua
    Generation 5
    2,097 votes

    Type: Dark

  • Mew
    Generation 1
    2,001 votes

    Type: Psychic

  • Zygarde
    Generation 6
    1,933 votes

    Type: Dragon / Ground

  • Ponyta
    2,045 votes

    Type: Fire