The Best Ship Simulator Games

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Ship simulator games only, not just games that feature ships as part of their gameplay.

For those who love the ocean but don't live near a beach, here are the best ship simulator games of all time, ranked by simulation gamers who have played them. Boat and ship simulators come in all shapes and sizes, allowing the players to control many different types of vessels. Some of these sims may involve ship combat, where the player controls destroyers, dreadnoughts or gunboats.

Other boat simulation games are more about cruising the ocean, where you can control cruise ships, motorboats, and even fishing vessels. If you've played these sims are consider yourself a ship simulator expert, then please vote for the game that you would recommend the most to gamers who haven't played them. Don't vote down something simply if you haven't played it! Give it a shot, you may just find your next favorite ship simulation game.
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