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The 15 Best Shooting .IO Games To Play Right Now

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Looking for a few fun shooting io games to play? These bite-sized games are designed to be easy to pick up but surprisingly difficult to master. And because they're so small, most titles can be played effortlessly on basically any device with an internet connection, from phones to tablets to even that old computer who have collecting dust in the basement. Good .io games come in all different genres, but they really shine as shooters.

Whether you're looking to test your mettle with randos around the world or team up with friends and take on hordes of opponents, these are the top shooting .io games to play right now. From FPS .io games to 3rd person shooters and more, vote up all the best .io shooters that are definitely worth your time, and vote down the titles you didn't enjoy.

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    Photo: Krunker.io

    As one of the few .io games that take place in first-person, Krunker.io is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where skill is the name of the game. As opponents can pop up anywhere (and at any time), you need to keep your head on a swivel and be ready for a fight at any moment.

    There isn't the safety net of having a top-down view like there is in third-person games, which means enemies can sneak up on you and strike at any moment. To start, all you need to do is select a class that fits your specific gaming style (there are nine to start) and from there you'll be ready to get into the arena. 

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      Tactics Core

      Photo: Tactics Core

      Tactics Core is a MOBA shooter where you have control over a large selection of units to defeat your opponents. The graphics are tight, and the frame rate is surprisingly smooth.

      You can use hover tanks, bombers, and even fighter jets to try to take down your opponent. However, you only have a finite number of resources, so you'll need to be strategic in your unit selection. You win by draining your opponents' resources and blowing up their base. 

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        Photo: Kongregate Inc

        Surviv.io is a battle royale shooter where you will fight to be the last player standing. There is a red zone that slowly closes in on the players, and it's your mission to stay as far away as the zone in order to survive. As the zone closes, the play area shrinks which means that you will have to fight more players.

        To give yourself the best chance to survive, you need to make sure that you loot the best guns and armor that you can find. 

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          Photo: slay.one

          Slay.one is a multiplayer shooter where you work to fight off enemy players as you try to be the last one standing. There are several types of weapons for you to find around the map. You won't be able to get your favorite gun every game, so you need to be adaptable. That said, be prepared to fight at any moment because enemies could be lurking around any corner, and they often are.