The Best TV Shows Set In A Shop

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Vote up the best scripted shows that take place in stores and shops.

Supermarkets, bookstores, even tourist traps, TV series set in shops are a great way to give the audience a primary cast and a rotating series of guest stars. From the stress of one of Those Customers to the fun of having coworkers you vibe with, shows set in shops and stores can be intensely relatable - even if you've never worked retail. This list of the best shows set in stores and around retail can be your personal shopper to what shows to watch.

Series like Wonderfalls and Mr Selfridge don't spend the entirety of the show in a store, but the work the characters do selling things to (often weird) customers and how they manage being employees and managers is a big part of the show. Other shows set in shops and stores, including Trollied and Superstore, almost never step foot outside the titular establishment. No matter what end of the spectrum they're on shows set in stores wouldn't be the same if they took place in an office or law firm.

Which shows about stores should be at the top of the list? Vote up the best TV shows set in shops, then vote down the shows that should be sent back to the kitchen, and add any great scripted retail shows that are missing. Remember, the bulk of the show needs to take place in, or be centered around, shops, stores, and retail.