The Best Albums Under 30 Minutes Long

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Only albums with a full running time of 30 minutes or less. Vote up the albums that make the most of their short time.

Though we often want the most bang for our buck, these albums under 30 minutes long prove good things come in small packages. Plus, time is money after all, and if we can get through an album in under half an hour while enjoying every last second of it, that's a win-win situation. Sure, most of the greatest albums of all time surpass the 30-minute mark, but that's not to say a great album under that timeframe can't exist—and they surely do. Whether it's a collection of several quick songs or a couple lengthy tracks, the albums to follow boast some awesome music in a short amount of time.

Featuring albums from today's top rappers, as well as rock greats, you'd be surprised how many short albums you can find. From the Ramones self-titled debut in 1976 to Kanye West's ye, the best albums under 30 minutes span a variety of genres, not to mention eras. Even Bob Dylan—who wrote multiple songs over 10 minutes long—managed to squeeze an entire album in under 30 with Nashville Skyline. Simply put, great music doesn't have to come in huge quantities, and these short albums prove exactly that. 

Of all the top short albums, which ones do you think are the very best? Moreover, which artist do you think fit the greatest songs in under 30 minutes? Check out the list below and cast your votes!


  • Kids See Ghosts
    Photo: user uploaded image
    508 VOTES

    Total Run Time: 23:53

    1. Feel the Love
    2. Fire
    3. 4th Dimensio
    4. Freeee (Ghost Town, Pt. 2)
    5. Reborn
    6. Kids See Ghosts
    7. Cudi Montage

    508 votes
  • A Hard Day’s Night
    Photo: user uploaded image

    Total Run Time: 30:13

    1. A Hard Day's Night
    2. I Should Have Known Better
    3. If I Fell
    4. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
    5. And I Love Her
    6. Tell Me Why
    7. Can't Buy Me Love
    8. Any Time at All
    9. I'll Cry Instead
    10. Things We Said Today
    11. When I Get Home
    12. You Can't Do That
    13. I'll Be Back

    370 votes
  • Ramones
    Photo: Sire
    326 VOTES

    Total Run Time: 29:04

    1. Blitzkrieg Bop
    2. Beat On The Brat
    3. Judy Is A Punk
    4. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    5. Chain Saw
    6. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
    7. I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement
    8. Loudmouth
    9. Havana Affair
    10. Listen To My Heart
    11. 53rd & 3rd.
    12. Let's Dance
    13. I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
    14. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

    • Length (mins): 00:29:16
    • Genres (Music): Punk rock
    326 votes
  • Green River
    Photo: Fantasy
    226 VOTES

    Total Run Time: 29:25

    1. Green River
    2. Commotion
    3. Tombstone Shadow
    4. Wrote a Song for Everyone
    5. Bad Moon Rising
    6. Lodi
    7. Cross-Tie Walker
    8. Sinister Purpose
    9. The Night Time Is the Right Time

    • Length (mins): 00:29:44
    • Genres (Music): Rock music, Rock and roll, Roots rock, Country rock, Southern rock
    226 votes
  • Lady Soul
    Photo: user uploaded image
    175 VOTES

    Total run Time: 28:41

    1. Chain of Fools
    2. Money Won't Change You
    3. People Get Ready
    4. Niki Hoeky
    5. (You Make Me Feel Like) a Natural Woman
    6. (Sweet Sweet Baby) since You've Been Gone
    7. Good to Me as I Am to You
    8. Come Back Baby
    9. Groovin
    10. Ain't No Way

    • Genres (Music): Soul music, Southern soul, Memphis soul
    175 votes
  • Pink Moon
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use
    213 VOTES

    Total Run Time: 28:22

    1. Pink Moon
    2. Place to Be
    3. Road
    4. Which Will
    5. Horn
    6. Things Behind the Sun
    7. Know
    8. Parasite
    9. Free Ride
    10. Harvest Breed
    11. From the Morning 

    • Length (mins): 00:28:30
    • Genres (Music): Folk rock, Folk music, Baroque pop
    213 votes