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Who Has the Best Short Game in Golf History?

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List RulesFrom chipping to the green to hitting out of the sand, vote up the golfers who play the short game best.

Long and precise drives are always impressive, but the ability to hit it well down the fairway means nothing without a good short game. Whether you're just a bit shy of the green or happen to slice it left in a sand trap, the short game can be one of the most important parts of golf—and any one of the best golfers will tell you that. Now, considering how impactful this side of golf can be, it's often the the golfers with the best short game that come through on top (but a good putt goes a long way too). Regardless, who do you think is the best short game golfer of all time?

While you could argue drives require just as much precision as a chip from the rough, it's that very chip that either gets the ball to the green or doesn't. In short, no matter where the ball lands after a drive, it's the short game that gets it onto the green. So, when it comes to golfers with the best short game, guys like Luke Donald and the great Chi Chi Rodriguez are certainly up at the top, but you can't forget the incredible Seve Ballesteros and top left-hander Phil Mickelson, among plenty of others. These greats all prove you can do a lot from just off the green—and quite often it's an absolute must. The question still remains, however: who has the best short game of all time?

If you're a fan of the short game and the skill it requires, check out the list below and vote up the golfers you think had the best shots outside the green. If you think someone is missing, feel free to add them to the list.