The Best Short Male Athletes

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Professional male athletes under 5'10" from all sports, excluding horse racing
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The best short male athletes include World Series champions, Super Bowl winners, Stanley Cup hoisters and Olympic gold medalists but they all share one thing in common, their shorter stature. The best short athletes prove that despite their height, people of all shapes and sizes can be successful professional athletes. All 5'10" or shorter, these athletes are not just the best at their height but also among the best athletes of all time.

For a lot of these athletes, their height can work in their advantage or at least not pose a hindrance on their playing ability. Football players like Barry Sanders, Wes Welker and Ray Rice embrace their height and use it to run fast down the field to rack up yardage and touchdowns. Top boxers, such as the shorter ones like Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano and Floyd Mayweather, Jr., are the same way with height not much of a factor to their sport.

But for others, being the short guy on the team means you are already at a disadvantage before you even step on the court. That surely didn't stop great short basketball players like Spud Webb, Earl Boykins and Calvin Murphy from having successful careers.

So while these short athletes might have faced adversity and been told that they would never make it, like legendary NFL player Doug Flutie was, they all worked harder and pushed further to achieve their dreams. These best short male athletes really do show that good things definitely do come in small packages.
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