The Best Short Male Singers

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Singers at or under 5'7".

The best short male singers are incredibly talented, regardless of their height. They pack a huge punch musically, with memorable songs and albums that make them beloved by their loyal fans. From Prince to Glenn Danzig, these musicians listed here may loom larger than life, but they really aren't. Vote for your favorite short male singers, add any who might be missing, and feel free to re-rank this list any way you like.

Just because a star is vertically challenged, doesn't mean they aren't awesome. What would the musical world be without such wonderful short singers as Paul Simon, Billy Joel, and Roger Daltrey? Some of the shortest guys on this list are or were members of the best rock bands of all time. And while Bruno Mars is topping the charts worldwide, he comes in well below average height-wise (at just 5'5" by most accounts). Several of the top country music male singers make this list of short crooners as well, including Willie Nelson who is small in stature.

Is it any wonder that people like Bruce Dickinson, Roger Daltrey, and Thom Yorke are some of the best frontmen in rock history? No. It isn't. But what you might not know, is that each of these men is at or below 5'7". Amazing, isn't it? Interested in other famous shorter people? Check out this list of the best short actors - some might really surprise you.

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