The Best Short Rhyming Poetry

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Not all poems have to rhyme. But the best short rhyming poems are examples of why the classic style is still so universal. These simple rhyming poems are all under 25 lines or less. 

Easy rhyming poems often sound like a song. As children, we are exposed to this kind of poetry through greats like Dr. Suess. Some of these short poems that rhyme are children’s poems, others are all about falling in love, while others center on the hardships of life. 

You will no doubt recognize a few famous poets on this roundup, like Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. However, there are also several more obscure rhyming poems that are equally impressive and deserve to be read among the classics.

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Most divisive: Acquainted with the Night

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    Life gets faster every day,
    No time to think, no time to play.
    Hurry, chaos, lots of stress,
    Tension leads to sleeplessness.

    When will all this madness cease?
    Where is free time? Where is peace?
    I'm running, doing, till I drop.
    Give me buttons: Pause, Mute, STOP!

    • Author: Joanna Fuchs
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    What are heavy? Sea-sand and sorrow;
    What are brief? Today and tomorrow;
    What are frail? Spring blossoms and youth;
    What are deep? The ocean and truth.

    • Author: Christina Rossetti
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  • I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows. 
    I am who I am, from my head to my toes. 
    I tend to get loud when speaking my mind. 
    Even a little crazy some of the time. 
    I'm not a size 5 and don't care to be. 
    You can be you and I can be me. 
    I try to stay strong when pain knocks me down. 
    And the times that I cry are when no one's around. 
    To error is human or so that's what they say. 
    Well, tell me who's perfect anyway.

    • Author: S Raine
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  • Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf’s a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    • Author: Robert Frost
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    Simple Sam was a simple man.
    He lived each day by a simple plan.
    Enjoy your life and live while you can.
    Make each day count and take a stand.

    Stand on the left or stand on the right,
    Whichever one you think is right.
    Live each day as if your last.
    Life's too short and gone too fast.

    • Author: Irwin Mercer
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    Forever we remain oblivious to the future, 
    lost to the past and enduring our torture. 
    Forever we take chances to settle our scores, 
    losing some battles and winning some wars. 
    Forever praying out loud hoping someone will hear, 
    forever crying softly but never shedding a tear. 
    Forever exists behind a disguise, 
    but the belief in forever keeps our hearts alive.

    • Author: Terri Nicole Tharrington
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