The Best Games You Can Beat In One Sitting

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Try to include newer games for the list- old games are fine, but almost all of them can be beaten in one day.

Although gaming for hours on end can be fun, sometimes gamers just want to plop down and complete a game in one sitting. For this list we've compiled some of the best video games that you can beat in one play-through, ranging from space shooters and side-scrolling platformers to beat em ups and adventure games. We've tried to avoid adding games from older consoles, but it's hard to leave off classic like Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man X.

More recent examples of amazing games you can beat in one day are Braid, Limbo, and Journey. These games prove that playing video games doesn't always need to be a 3 day gauntlet, but rather just an amazing experience no matter how long you're playing for. Vote for your favorite short video games that don't take long to beat, and fee free to add your own to this list if they're no already included! 
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