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The Best Shoto Todoroki Quotes

He's definitely one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia, but what are your favorite quotes from Shoto Todoroki? For this list we're ranking the best Shoto Todoroki quotes, with the help of your votes.

Many anime characters have ice abilities or fire abilities, but few have both! Shoto's fire quirk comes from his father Endeavor, who Shoto disdains for the way he treated his mother. Many of Shoto Todoroki's best quotes are about him refusing to use his fire quirk: "Never using my bastard of a father's quirk. No... By rising to the top without using it, I'll have denied him everything." Another similar line from Shoto is: "I'll win with mom's power alone. I'll never use your power in battle."

When it comes to confidence, Shoto certainly isn't lacking any: "Midoriya. Objectively speaking... I'm stronger than you. More capable. All Might's got his eye on you, doesn't he. Now I'm not about to pry into why that is, but... I will beat you."

Vote up your favorite Shoto Todoroki quotes from My Hero Academia, and add any to the list if they aren't already here!