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The Best TV Shows Set In Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome is an expensive era to depict on the small screen. There are several historical dramas and bombastic action films that portray the rise and fall of the Romans and their eternal city, but when it comes to television, few studios have the resources to do it right. HBO's Rome debuted on a bigger budget than its much later hit Game of Thrones, and the high cost of its production led to a premature end to the series (and about 14 years of history condensed into 10 episodes).

Unlike Westerns, which can be filmed just about anywhere outside Hollywood, or English period dramas (which can take place in a handful of drawing rooms), Ancient Rome requires the resurrection of a 2,000-year-old culture. For that reason, we rarely get a quality series on this fascinating era of history. The following is a selection of the best television shows about Ancient Rome. Vote up your favorites.