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The Greatest TV Shows About Camp

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Summer camp TV shows bring the fun year-round, and without the hassle of packing. For those of us that have been to camp, we know there's no shortage of stories to tell about the crazy, funny, dramatic, and sometimes horrible things that happen when a bunch of strangers are crammed into a few cabins in the middle of nowhere. For those of us that haven't been to camp, well, there's always TV to live that experience from the comfort of your own couch. Trust us, it's better that way.

Whether you've never been out of the city or you've spent all of your summers roughing it in the mess hall and on the bottom bunk, sometimes the best way to understand a concept as life-changing as camp is to watch how others deal with it. In our current age of television, the best TV shows about camp are often humorous, ridiculous looks at the lives of the campers and counselors that make up this strange human tradition in the wilderness. These TV shows set in summer camps and during summer vacation can range from cheesy sitcoms to bizarre alt-comedy streaming shows (we're looking at you Wet Hot American Summer), but what they all have in common is that they perfectly capture that mix of dread and excitement that comes along with going to a camp free from parents and the stresses of everyday life. One thing all of these summer camp shows share is the amount of trouble characters can get up to in such a short time.

So grab your bathing suit, prepare yourself for sharing a bathroom with 30 other people, spray on a ton of insect repellant, and vote up your favorite from this list of shows about camp.