The Greatest TV Shows About Cats

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Vote up the best shows about, or starring, cats, both scripted and and unscripted.

Chances are you're either a dog person or a cat person, and if you're a dog person it means you probably strongly dislike cats. But even the most vocal dog person can't resist the charms of some of the best cat shows on TV. That's because, whether you associate these shows with the love 'em or hate 'em creatures that think they're better than us, these shows about cats have been on our televisions since the very beginning, and they've provided us with some of the most entertaining and enjoyable content around. 

There's no shortage of shows about cats that have pulled us into their world and proven just how funny and bizarre a world filled with cats really is. Whether they're cartoons for kids, adults, or cats to watch while their humans are off at work, there are TV shows about cats for everyone. 

The series on this list all feature a cat of one kind or another as the star - from silly mangy little runts to majestic, annoying show cats. Even better, they are here to stoke our love of the cat world, while reminding us exactly why they've been man's (second) best friend since the beginning. So let's chase around a ball of yarn, go to the bathroom in a box of sand, yowl loudly in the middle of the night, and rank this list of shows about cats from best to worst. Vote up the shows you think are the cat's meow and see where your favorites rank.

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