The Greatest TV Shows About Dinosaurs

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Vote up the best shows about, or starring, dinosaurs, both scripted and reality.

The best shows about dinosaurs pull us into their world, whether it's to educate or entertain. The best dinosaur shows proven just how strange and magnificent a world filled with dinosaurs really is. Whether they're dinosaur cartoons for kids, sitcoms for adults, or documentaries narrated by the most prestigious British-accented scientists, there are good shows about dinosaurs for everyone. 

Although we'd probably feel differently if we had to share the planet with them, no one's really ever hated a dinosaur. From stuffy science museums to boring school textbooks, any time a dinosaur is around things instantly get more interesting. That's why when TV shows about dinosaurs pop up, they're pretty much irresistible. By bringing to life giant prehistoric dinosaurs in color and live action on our TV screens, the inner kid inside all of us still screams with delight and awe when we see these shows. It's these dinosaur TV shows that we've been unable to get enough of since childhood, and regardless of our age or taste, there are still few things more entertaining than seeing a giant creature come to life for our amusement.

The series on this list all feature a dinosaur of one kind or another - from lonely little pterodactyls to graceful, majestic brontosauruses - and are here to stoke our love of the dinosaur world, while reminding us exactly why we're glad we don't have to walk down the street and fear running into one. So, let's go back in our time machines, try not to touch anything, hope we don't get eaten or stepped on, and vote up the best shows about dinosaurs.

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