The Greatest TV Shows About Dogs

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In this modern age of television, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of anti-heroes, A-listers, and auteur-driven stories on our screens. Although Netflix may pump all of its money into glossy dramas that blow our minds, sometimes all our minds want is to turn off and watch something fun and simple. And what's more fun and simple in this world than TV shows about dogs?

Whether you have a dog, want a dog, or just like looking at dogs on television, it's undeniable that sometimes the best medicine for a rough - or "ruff" - day is a great show about good dogs. Dog TV shows are almost always like the dogs they portray; silly, cute, easy to get along with, and available in a bunch of different styles to suit your needs. From reality TV shows about dogs some of the best cartoon dogs on television, there's a dog show for everyone. The next time you've had enough prestige TV and simply want to watch one of the best shows about dogs, check out this list.  

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