The Greatest TV Shows About Or Inspired By Greek Mythology

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Vote up the best scripted shows with the central theme around Greek and Roman myths and gods.

There have been numerous TV shows about Greek mythology over the years for us mere mortals to enjoy. While it may have been created thousands of years ago, Greek mythology continues to influence the modern world in new and exciting ways. Many would say our current fascination with superheroes has roots in ancient mythology and seeing the parallels between Superman and the gods would certainly support that theory. But you don't have to look too far to find connections. Mythology is fun and makes for great character archetypes, which is why there are such good shows about Greek and Roman mythology.

Some shows take a direct approach to adapting mythology, such as the various shows centering around Hercules. Other take a more modern approach, such as the 90s series Cupid where the Greek god is tasked with making 100 couples fall in love. 

This list features the best Greek mythology TV series of all time. You have the power of Zeus in your hands with the might to decide which shows make it to the top of the list and which ones are banished to the bottom.