The Greatest TV Shows About Horses

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Vote up the best shows about, or starring, horses, both scripted and reality.

The best horse TV shows transcend how you feel about horses. Though it's not really possible to hate a horse, it's very true that there are 'horse people' and there are 'non-horse people' in this world. You're either that one person who's obsessed with horses is an expert rider, has way too many posters of horses around, and might even own a horse or two, or - you don't really give them a second thought. But the fact is horses are majestic creatures, and even if you're not obsessed with horses, the horses that often grace our TV screens make for entertaining and enjoyable content. From nostalgic horse cartoons to equestrian dramas, these are the best horse TV shows, ranked by your votes.

Since the beginning of TV, there's been no shortage of shows about horses that have pulled us into their world and proven just how calm and relaxing a world filled with horses really is (unless that world is BoJack Horseman). Whether they're live-action or cartoons, shows for kids, adults, or every age in between, there are TV shows about horses for everyone. Netflix might be the network with the most horse shows, thanks to their spin-offs of Spirit and live-action dramas like Free Rein.

The series on this list, all of which feature a horse of one kind or another as the star - from silly scruffy little horses to majestic, proud stallions - are all here to get our love of the horse world galloping, while reminding us exactly why they've been such an integral part of humanity and TV since the beginning. So let's put on our horseshoes and vote up the best shows about horses and see where your favorite pony  TV shows rank.