The Greatest TV Shows About Insects

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The best insect shows and bug cartoons aren't for the faint of heart - even if they're more cutesy than creepy-crawly (unless it's Creepy Crawlies, which is both) or you're being educated rather than saying ew. If you don't like insects you'd rightly be cautious of bug shows, but this list of the best insect tv shows and bug cartoons can help you find the best bugs to watch.

There's something about insects that make them look beautiful when viewed up close in 4K on your TV. But if you saw that very same insect was on the wall behind your TV, you'd probably scream and try to smush it. But once that was taken care of you'd go right back to watching your bug shows and having a great time. There's no shortage of colorful and unique TV insects that have been providing us with entertainment for decades. Whether they're shows for kids, adults, or everyone in between, there's a show about insects that appeals to everyone. There's something about those antennae, or all the legs and fancy colors, that makes insectoid and anthropomorphic bug characters appealing even to folks who would not willingly welcome actual bugs into their home.

The insect TV shows on this list, all of which feature an insect or arthropod of one kind or another as the star - from lazy bugs to hard-working ants - are all here to stoke our love of the creepy-crawly world, while reminding us exactly why it's nice to view these things from afar. So, vote up the best shows about insects and see where the bug cartoons you love rank - all while being glad that we live indoors.

Photo: Freaky Storeis / YTV