The Best Music TV Shows That Aren't Just Another Singing Competition

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Vote up the best shows about music that share the history and industry of it, from songwriting to how its changed the world.

For music nerds, it can be tough to find good TV shows about music. Most recommendations are for singing competitions or biographies about one specific band or artist. As fun as those kinds of shows can be, they can also wear thin when what you’re looking for is a peek into the process of how music is made – or how a genre took the world by storm. This list of the best shows about music focuses on documentaries about genres and the songwriting process, with episodes and arcs that follow different artists.

Ranked from best to worst by your votes, and the votes of other music nerds, most of these TV shows about music are documentaries, like Jazz, K-Pop Evolution, and Hip Hop Uncovered. There are also some exceptions – Song Exploder is technically a documentary but, just like the podcast it’s based on, it feels more like an interview show as an artist walks us through how a song was made. The single competitive show, Songland, was created by Dave Stewart, formerly of the Eurythmics, specifically to show the process of songwriting. It’s just a bonus that viewers can enjoy a little light competition as well.

Vote up your favorite TV shows about music and see where the music shows you love rank. Then, check out some of the most underrated music documentaries of the 2010s.