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The Greatest TV Shows About Retirement

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Depending on your attitude and your position in life, retirement can be either something to look forward to or something to fear (or hope you actually get to do). But if you're lucky enough to retire your life is going to change a lot, and there's no great way to brace for those changes. Whether you're decades away from retirement or staring it in the face, sometimes the best way to understand retirement is to watch how others deal with it. In our current age of television, there's no shortage of shows that deal with retirement in utterly compelling, human ways that can go from hilariously satisfying to heartbreakingly empathetic all in one episode. 

Shows about retirement can be enjoyable to those who relate to it, but they can also be cathartic and just plain entertaining for everyone else. Sometimes there's nothing better than watching a bunch of seniors hang around and play cards. Much like retirement itself, these retirement TV shows can fill your days with enjoyment and make you forget all about the pressures of working full time. From old-fashioned network sitcoms to surprisingly filthy streaming shows, the shows on this list all manage to say something unique about retirement and show the variety of ways that giving up full-time work when we're older can affect us.

So grab your glasses, complain that the TV isn't turned up loud enough, and vote up your favorites on our list of shows about retirement.

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