The Greatest TV Shows About Love & Romance

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There is no shortage of stories to tell about love and romance. Since the beginning of television, nearly every series has dealt with the trials and tribulations of finding and falling in love, often in groundbreaking, funny, dramatic, and tragic ways. Whether you've never fallen in love, you've had your heart broken more times than you can count, or whether love at first sight has brought you nothing but happiness (does that ever really happen?), sometimes the best way to understand such endlessly complex feelings like love and romance is to watch how others deal with them. In our current age of television, the best shows about love tell utterly compelling, human stories that can go from heartbreaking to empathetic to hilariously satisfying all in one episode.

Shows about romance can be therapeutic for those who've just had their heart ripped out, but they can also be cathartic and just plain entertaining for those that are still romantics. The best shows about romance differ from those about plain old dating because, compared to love, a simple thing like "like" isn't even worth getting out of bed for. On this list of shows about love and romance, we're focusing on stories that are primarily about people finding romance and falling in love. From dramas to romantic comedies to cartoons to HBO nudity-fests, the shows on this list all manage to say something unique about love and romance and show the variety of ways that love can affect us and those around us. Whether these shows are simply about a loving couple or manage to show the maddening highs and lows of love, everything on this list of shows about love demonstrates what makes love compelling and is able to turn that feeling into endlessly riveting television.

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