Turn Things Around With The Best Shows About Saving Failing Businesses

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The most compelling reality shows about saving a business are the perfect blend of educational and horrifying. Some of the businesses profiled are such messes they offer that perfect reality show schadenfreude but, over an episode, you get caught up in their story and seeing them succeed brings true joy - while also being informative about what it takes to run a business. From the almost omnipresent "save my restaurant" reality shows to other series that help out different types of small businesses, reality shows about saving failing businesses offer a unique kind of satisfaction.

Kitchen Nightmares, both the US and UK versions, starring Chef Gordon Ramsay are maybe some of the best-known reality shows about saving a failing business. With his distinct style and impressive wealth of knowledge, Chef Ramsay pulls restaurants back from the brink. The owners of businesses with issues get to see hidden problems first-hand in Undercover Boss, which focuses on learning how to fix company culture through experience. Even salons get a chance to be saved thanks to Tabatha Takes Over, where Tabatha Coffey gives failing salons a one-week makeover.

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